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We are a platform that offers an easy, affordable and responsible waste management service.

Our mission is to transform waste into raw material, we do this through technology and a range of facilities that ensure traceability and positive environmental impact.

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Management of operations in real time through the app.

  • Marker Operational and impact reports in real time.
  • Marker Traceability with control of collection and destination.
  • Marker Online payment facilities and document management.
  • Marker Notification and direct communication via support.
  • Marker Requesting maintenance items and Special pickups.

Our service is only available for companies that are considered 'Large Generators' - meaning they produce over 2 garbage bags per day.

What is the Musa Label Waste with a Future?

After the first month of operation, Musa's client receives a Certificate of correct waste disposal, guaranteeing 100% reuse and Carbon Neutrality.


The physical and digital Label has an exclusive QR code of your operation and you can share with your consumers and customers the positive impact indicators generated by the operation of your business.