With Musa, your truck is a guarantee of cash flow into your company!

Through technology and an innovative economic model, we want to connect you to the future of waste management. 

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Be a hauler Partner

Musa operates in partnership with licensed haulers for waste collection. Send your information to schedule a conversation:

Discover the benefits we offer you:

Implementations at the generators

. We properly implement the containers, trash-bins and dumpsters at the generator’s to optimize the collection process with the hauler.

Customer service

. Musa takes care of the entire customer support and experience so that the haulers can focus on the waste collection and disposal.

All management done via our app

. Collection schedule, routing, support service, online MTR, and online certificates.

Zero logistics risk

. MUSA pays the hauler per hour, shift, day and/or period, regardless of the vehicles’ rate of occupation.

Better cash flow management

. Short-cycle payments: daily, weekly or biweekly. No delays, discounts or defaults.

More demand

. The haulers have direct access to new clients and routes via the Musa digital platform, without any commercial efforts needed.
Future benefits package
Discounts on the purchase of oil and fuel
Discounts on maintenance items
Financial support for the purchase of new trucks
Insurance for fleet and equipment
Maintenance center for your fleet

To become a MUSA partner, waste haulers must:

  • Comply with all the prerequisites of Musa’s system in the operation of their services.

  • Present the licenses that prove technical capacity and authorization to operate in the sector

  • Meet ethical and labor standards with their employees.

Together we will make the future of waste management come true!